Monday, October 5, 2015

A Great Week

We can't believe how fast the time is flying!!!  It has been a week of inspiration, of learning and self evaluation for us!  First on the list was the spectacular experience we had at General Conference!  I am amazed how each conference is geared just for me.  We are thrilled with the wonderful men called to fill the vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve.  We know they have been called and sanctioned by Jesus Christ through a living prophet.  It was wonderful to listen to the prophet.  We can tell it is getting harder for him, but what a testimony!!!  One of the highlights for me was a visit I had with one of our young single adults after the first session.  Her name is Katrina.  She is a beautiful young lady from the Phillippines.  She is working in a local hospital as a nurse and joined the church just this past July.  We had talked about preparing for General Conference by writing down questions or concerns they might have and listening for answers.  She told me that she had done that and all of her questions and concerns had been answered.  All were answered in a way she wasn't expecting.  When I questioned her more she said," I felt the overwhelming spirit that the Church IS true!"  How blessed we are to have a living prophet on the earth today!  My questions were likewise answered.  I was inspired by President Russell M. Nelson.  I saw a mantle of authority upon him that was incredible.  As a missionary, I need to open my mouth without fear and testify of the truthfulness I know.
We actually went tracting this week.  We went to a village close by looking to find out about one of our YSA members, so we decided to visit all the members of the ward in that area.  There were four families.  Because one of the post codes were wrong, we couldn't find a certain street, so we stopped at a few houses to get directions.  We have been told that the British people aren't very friendly unless you stop them and ask for directions.  Well, that is the truth!  So I told Brad that we need to leave a spiritual message at the houses.  One little lady answered the door after sending her dog out first.  We complimented her on her gorgeous dahlias and she became an instant friend!  She invited us in to look at a city map, pulled out her magnifying glass which belonged to her father, and we found the street.  We told her who we were and left her a message that she is a daughter of God who loves and cares about her very much.. As senior missionaries, we haven't practiced a door approach,  and we didn't even have a Book of Mormon with us (our bad).  We blew that, but we now have them in our car and will be better prepared!!!  After prayer and driving around, we found the road we were looking for.  We were warned that these people were very antagonistic about the church.  I've never experienced a door slammed in my face, so I was looking forward to the experience!!!  But it never happened.  Sandra was so glad to see us.  They were leaving for town in a few minutes, but she invited us in and offered us a drink.  (Everyone here invites you in for a drink--probably tea or coffee or squash--a koolAid type drink) Brad asked if the gentleman was related to Sandra.  Well, he was the husband.  So Brad said, well, you aren't on our records, so you must not be a member of the Church.  He said that he wasn't and Brad quickly replied, so why haven't you been baptized?  They both commented that it takes an American to be so bold.  We were soon friends.  They were lovely people and we plan to go back and see them again!
Just a comment about the cooking here!  It takes along time to find the ingredients.  Sugar, is it caster, icing, or coffee sugar?  flour, is it plain (for use in pastries, biscuits), or strong (for use in bread making) cream, single or double or soured.  I try to use my recipes and after having found the ingredients, they just don't taste the same.  I don't have to cook things quite as long.  The eggs are not refrigerated in the stores which kind of freaks me out, but we haven't had salmonella yet, so I guess they are ok.  But we did find a COSTCO!!!  I felt like kneeling on the ground to kiss it!!!  They have Guiredelli brownie mix, so I am saved!!!
I am doing better at understanding the people, but sometimes when talking to the Sister missionaries from Australia and Rwanda, I can't understand them and we start giggling so hard that we can't stop!
making cookies (biscuits) do I use plain flour, strong flour, self-rising flour,  caster sugar, icing sugar, or granualated sugar?

putting in a load of wash.  Because the washing machines are so small here, people wash every day, and then hang them outside or on racks inside to dry.
It's embarrassing, especially during the missionary correlation meetings!!!
I was introducing myself to some members I haven't met at the church yesterday, and I said, Hi, I'm Sister Taylor(the name of the sister whose place we took here), I mean I'm Sister Jackman!  I told them that's why seniors wear name tags, so when they forget their name, they can read it!!!  I couldn't stop giggling!!! (these experiences make me really miss my daughters!!!!) Oh, isn't life magnificent!!!
Happy Birthday Becca on Oct. 3!!!  It was so good to Skype with ya'll this weekend!  We love you all so very much!
Please know that we know this Church is true!!!We are doing what the Lord wants us to do right now, and even though we miss you terribly, we know you will be blessed!  Our message is from President Russell M. Nelson, "We want to raise a sin resistant generation!!!!"  Give those little ones a big hug and slobbery kiss from Grandma and Papa!  You are all our favorites!  Be strong and let your light so shine every where you go!
With much love,
Elder and Sister Jackman

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  1. A Costco?!?! You ARE saved! We're giggling with you, Sister Taylor ;)