Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Week

Dear Family and Friends,

Cheers to all our favorite people!!!  We hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  Tis truly the season for great rejoicing and the time to give thanks for all our blessings!  It was great to visit with so many over the week!  McKinley and Jordan, we sure hope you are feeling better!  It was a rough week for you and your parents.

We had a wonderful week.  We enjoy FHE with our young single adults.  We have a discussion and then have so much fun playing games together.  On Friday we hosted the Stake YSA’s here in our ward building for Institute.  We had about 15 kids this time, which was a pretty good showing.  Most have to drive over an hour to get clear out here where we are.  The Stake is rethinking a once a month Institute class for the whole stake as the transportation is such an issue.  Most YSA’s don’t have cars and a lot of them don’t even have driver’s licenses. 

Thursday, we hosted an American Thanksgiving dinner here for our young single adults.  It was really fun.  We had 16 people.  We had an investigator come who had never had a Thanksgiving dinner and was so excited to try everything and anything.  Most of those who come have never had the experience before.  I think it kind of blows them away!  We had a riot playing Trivial Pursuit afterwards.  We had four of our missionaries come and they always love a hot meal!  I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving!  Then on Friday, we got to take our YSA committee to the London temple.  Brad and I took the names Chloe sent to us to receive their endowments!  Chloe, that was really a sweet experience for us.  Thanks again for your efforts!

On Saturday, we spent the day with the Haskins, our dear friends!  They took us to see Southwold and some other seaside villages on the North Sea.  The day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous.  As we walked out on the Southwold pier, the sun was shining and the sound of the surf was music to our ears.  The salt sea smell was invigorating.  We enjoyed a wonderful fish and chips meal at a local pub which was built about 600 years ago.  The food was very good and the atmosphere of the place was brilliant.  We felt we had stepped back in time.  The rooms were small, the undulating floors added so much charm.  We ate in front of a huge open fire place.  The open beam and plaster ceilings were low.  It was cozy and oozing with charm!  I love this country!  We had stopped at a church which is supposedly haunted and found a lovely community of people setting up for a Christmas Market.  Brad bought a  tie for 1 pound, and I bought a beautiful Christmas wreath made with fresh holly  and pine boughs.  I couldn’t get over that they were real!  The church didn’t feel haunted at all, even with the blackened scratch marks from Satan on the door!!!  The angels were a little bit spooky looking however!

Our dear friend Clinton went into the hospital to have a stint put into his heart.  The ward had a special fast for him.  The doctors were concerned that the vein in question would require open heart surgery.  However, after further consultation, they found that they could take care of the problem intervenously.  The fast really touched Clinton.  His goal is to get to the temple before we leave!  He is now very motivated!  It is amazing how challenges help us look at life with heavenly eyes.   We really love Clinton.  Brad calls him his brother from another mother!  He is big, tall, and very black.  Brad introduces him as his brother and then asks, “Can’t you see the resemblance?”  There are a lot of very special friends we will miss!

We met with another YSA couple from the Bury St. Edmunds Ward to talk about their young adult program.  We found out the Claire grew up in Hitchin.  I asked her about my parents and said, they served in Hitchin when they were on a mission here.  She said, “Oh, I love the Glauser’s.  They taught my grandparents.”  Her grandfather, Ron Kilbey, although, still not a member, loved them very much.  Out of all the missionaries that taught him, he felt a special cohesive bond with Dad and Mom.   He said, there was really something special about this senior couple.   He is now attending church about every other week.  One never knows the impact they can have without them even knowing it!!!  Thanks Dad and Mom for your example!

We meet every Tuesday night with our dear friend Kalil!  He comes for supper and scriptures.   It is a sweet highlight of our week.  He adores our little Jordan!  He really feels connected to all of our little stripling warriors!  Brad went to his soccer game on Thanksgiving night.  Luckily, Brad was there as a fight broke out and he was able to get Kalil out of there before something even worse happened.  Kalil told me that he was glad that I wasn’t at the game.  The referee looked at Brad’s name badge as he was leaving and commented that he wished Jesus Christ would have been there at the game.  It was pretty rough.  I was just grateful Brad and Kalil got out of there safely!

Happy Birthday to our dear little Russell on November 29 (age 1)!  And to our Kinners (age 3) on December 4!   You are very special little people!! Happy Anniversary to Brian and Heather on December 1!  We love you all and miss you a ton!

Our time hear is going fast.  We are anxious to work hard!  We love our Heavenly Father and His Son!  The gospel of Jesus Christ is here upon the earth in its fullness.  We are so grateful to be a part of this great latter-day work!  We love you all!

With all our love,

Dad and Mom

Papa and Grandma

Elder and Sister Jackman


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dear family and friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  I just want you to know that the grocery store does not sell fresh turkeys this time of year!  Only frozen!  Because our wonderful British friends don’t celebrate my favorite holiday!!!  But we will be thinking of you this Thursday!  Please know how grateful we are for all of you!  You are the ones who have made our lives so richly blessed!

  We helped with another funeral in our ward.  The dear man who passed away, Derrick Lavendar was a very good man.  He raised a wonderful family.  We love his wife who is very active in the ward.  He was not a member and has spent the past several months in a care center.  We had some lovely visits with him and Brad was able to help with a blessing.  We love helping with the funeral luncheon as it gives us an opportunity to meet their family, give comfort and express love.  We agree with President Boyd K. Packer that a funeral is one of the best times to feel the Lord’s Spirit very close.

We had a very sobering week!  We have felt several promptings to meet one on one with some of our precious young single adults.  Every one we met this week was having a crisis of faith.  These are great young people, new converts, and life-long members.  Yet, they are wondering if God is really there?  We listened and prayed for wisdom in what to tell them.  We felt deeply touched that they would open up so honestly with us, but, by the end of the week, I was emotionally drained!  Brad said, now you know what it is like to be a Bishop!  (I’ve never wanted to be a Bishop anyway!!!)  I have been able to see how clever Satan can be.  He is ruthless and is going after the best of the best.  We were able to fast with one of our YSA’s on Sunday and felt spiritually rejuvenated.  We are finding that our prayers are getting longer as we add more people to pray for.  But the miracle is this!  We are finding that our love is expanding!  We are experiencing what I feel is Godlike love and genuine empathy for these precious souls.  I am also realizing how crucial it is to live a consistently obedient life.  We often wonder why the brethren keep telling us to do the little consistent daily things; prayer as individuals and as families, scripture study with real intent individually and as a family, keep the Sabbath Day holy!  All are a defense against the adversary.  I know this to be true.  As we let these things slip, it allows us to become casual, and when we become casual, we allow Satan a foothold in our lives.  Please dear ones, stay committed to righteousness!

We had a grand experience of teaching our friend, Jo, the Restoration of the Gospel.  We met her through a common friend and she agreed to have us come to her home.  We had a great conversation and then asked her about her religious beliefs.  This led us into telling her about the church and then right into the Joseph Smith story.  That is my favorite discussion!  We left her a Book of Mormon and with a challenge to read and ask if it is true.  It is a miracle to me to see the Spirit take over as we teach and testify.  Unfortunately, she said she is not interested.  (We are used to that!!!  So when Elder Anderson talks about 1000’s joining the Church every month, they must be all joining in Mexico!!!)  But we felt so good about our evening with her, I can’t help but pray that she will think about what was said and read the Book of Mormon and share it with her daughter who loves to study about other religions!

We had a great highlight this week!  A member of our ward is a major in the airforce here at a local U.S. airbase.  He is the chief flight officer and flies a fuel tanker jet.  He has even fueled Airforce One a few times!  He arranged a red carpet tour of the base for us.  We had to show our passports to even get on the base.  He arranged for us to use the jet simulator for about and hour and a half.  Brad was like a kid in a candy store.  I sat in a back row seat.  Brad got to fly the plane.   He did great!  We didn’t even crash! The graphics were incredible, and the simulator moved, tipped, and rolled just as if we were flying.  He even set up the graphics for Las Vegas and they both buzzed the Las Vegas Strip.  It was very impressive.  Then we got to tour the real jet and lay down in the back section where the boom operator goes to connect the boom arm to the jet below they are refueling.  The thing that impressed me most about this jet was when Josh told us the plane was designed and built in the 1960’s.  The engineers used slide rules to do the configurations.  (I used those when I took trigonometry in high school!)  The specs on this jet are so simple and good that they haven’t had to update them at all.  These tankers are some of the best built jets in use.  Amazing!!!  These tankers can carry 140,000 lbs. of fuel and they refuel jets at 6000 lbs./minute.  The jets can take off with that much weight, but cannot land with that much weight, so if they don’t refuel anyone, they have to fly around until they burn off sufficient fuel.  After our jet tour, we checked out the base commissary!  I loved it, to see all those American groceries was a modern day miracle for me!!!! 

We had an amazing full week!  We have been asked by our Stake Presidency to do some training to the other ward’s YSA leaders.  We are meeting some incredible people who we love immediately!  We feel as though we have been lifelong friends.  They all want to visit when they come to Utah!!!  Absolutely!

This missionary calling is the best!  We love what we are doing! 

Stay strong!  We love you and we miss you!  Keep the faith!!

With all our love,

Dad and Mom

Papa and Grandma

Elder and Sister Jackman


outside of the simulator with Josh Fuller

sitting on the tires of the fueling tanker jet

in the cockpit

turning to approach the airport

does it like a pro

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Winter is Here!!!

Dear family and friends,

Winter surely came with a vengeance this past week!  We are so grateful we have a warm home and hot water!  With the humid air here, it is very cold.  The days are getting shorter.  It starts to get dark here around 4:00 in the afternoon.  Street lights are not readily available in areas other than main traffic routes, so it really seems very dark!

It was a great week!  We feel the need and desire to spend time with individuals.  We have set up an appointment each week with one of our favorites!!  Kalil Studer, a young man from Brazil.  He has a gift for languages and speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.  He is young in the church, so he comes over every Tuesday night for dinner and scriptures. We met with our 91 year old friend, Leslie Ryan, and a lovely young investigator Shira for lunch with the missionaries.  We were invited for dinner this week from our friends, Jim and Nita Haskins.  We have taught them the game of Skip-bo and they love it!  We also met their friend, Jo.  We talked to her about coming to see her to tell her about what we do as missionaries.  Next blog, I’ll tell you about that great experience!

Harry, one of our new members brought us over some death certificates of his ancestors.  We volunteered to take him to the cemetery where his grandfather was buried.  It was close to Cambridge, in a place called Ramsey.  We looked over the whole place, but couldn’t find his grandfather or grandmother.  We called the person on the church marquee and talked to the wife of the person in charge of the cemetery registry.  She invited us to come to her home and wait for her husband.  Unfortunately, we had to leave, but we had a delightful conversation with Patty McPherson.  We asked her if she would like us to tell her about the gospel and she quickly sent us on our way!  But I talked to her husband on the phone later and he found the person we were looking for and also talked to another cemetery registrar person from another cemetery to find the grandmother.  He mailed us the information.  He was so kind and we are anxious to go back so we can find the burial places.  Harry was so excited!

We invited the Budd’s over for dinner and were lucky to have David, their son, join us as well.  I’ve been having a great email exchange with our new friend, the Catholic Friar, Brother Clements.  I’ve shared the restoration discussion and the Plan of Salvation discussion with him.  He in turn has shared some of his beliefs.  We continue to communicate, and we have felt as though we have met a great friend in him!

On Saturday, we trained to London to meet up with Clark and Joyce Baron for a p-day!  We went to the National Portrait Gallery, which was amazing.  Brad and I browsed through a section featuring the works of Picasso.  His earlier paintings are amazing, but then he started getting weird!    I can’t say that we’re fans!  But it was great to think we were seeing original art that I have only seen in textbooks.  After the gallery, we saw “The Phantom of the Opera”.  We have seen this once, but I was amazed that I didn’t remember a lot of the story.  It was fabulous.  The costumes, the staging, and the music were brilliant!  We enjoyed dinner after at a Thai restaurant.  It was a marvelous day!  We love Clark and Joyce and it is so fun to be serving with them in England!

I was asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting on sacrifice.  Then we traveled to Ipswich to do some YSA leader training for a couple in our stake.  We had ward council first thing in the morning, so it was a long day of meetings.  We finished off our day with a visit to a young married couple in our ward.  We have been asked to be their home/visiting teachers.  As we started our visit, they told us that they were going to have their names removed from the records of the church and be confirmed in the Community of Christ Church.  It was a very sobering conversation.  My heart just hurt for them.  All we could do is bear pure testimony of the gospel.  There was a definite dark feeling in their home, and I really fear for them.  We asked them if they would still allow us to come and to be their friends.  They were very anxious for us to come visit them.  Brad offered a beautiful prayer.  I didn’t sleep very well as I was so worried about them.  But we communicated with them on Monday morning, and asked them not to rush into anything.  They will still join the other church, but I felt that they have their agency, and what they need from us is just to shower them with love and friendship.

I’m beginning to think that the purpose of our being here is to share our love with those who are struggling, or who have lost their way.  We offer and invite we testify and pray.  So many don’t want the gospel, but they are hungry for a friend.  We have found many fabulous friends!

We are finding that each day is full to the brim with service opportunities.  We love it!  There is still much to do.  We fill so much a part of Cambridge, and are very anxious to finish strong these next few months.

We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Dad Jackman and MaryAnn on November 19th!!!  We love you both very much and give thanks for the impact for good you have been in our lives!

Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma Glauser for spending time with our kids!  They loved being with you and learning from you.  We loved the pictures!

Have a great week!!!  We love you all so very much!  The work we are involved with is God’s work!  We are definitely the weak and simple ones called to the work, but we love it!!!


Dad and Mom

Grandpa and Grandma

Elder and Sister Jackman

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Downing formal hall with Callum Church and Ryan Blank

pumpkin carving with Kieron Baron and friends, Rick Cortez, Andy Gao, and Danny Cordaza

Kieron Baron takes this very seriously

Andy Gao loved this--He looks pretty lethal with a knife

admiring their work

our house was the only festive one on the block

decorating cookies

Jane We, Cheryl Li, Jordan Clarke and Bailey Scott

lunch with Elder Dunning and Elder Warburton and Shira (a new investigator)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day

Dear family and friends,

I was meaning to write this blog on Monday!  I can’t believe that it is Friday already.  I honestly can’t believe how fast the time goes.  So I will give a brief update from last week, if I can remember!  That’s why I write things down in my diary (that’s what they call a day planner in the UK)

Well, Halloween has come and gone!  This year we had 3 trick or treaters stop by!  Wow!  That is a record!  We did hold our annual pumpkin carving and sugar cookie decorating event.  We had a couple of newbys this year and it is so fun to see how these Chinese kids get soooo excited to carve a pumpkin.  I’ll send some pictures!

We’ve had the opportunity to have our new friend, Harry, and the sister missionaries here for lunch.  We’ve had some great visits with members of the ward, those who are struggling with their testimonies, a dear sister who just lost her husband, and a bishopric member and his family who we just adore!.  Friday night we were invited by our dear Callum Church (our non member Cambridge law student) to attend a Downing College Formal Hall. We also took one of our new YSA’s with us.  Now this is really posh stuff.  Cambridge students may bring invited guests.  The students are invited to wear their gowns, (J.K. Rowling got all her ideas for Harry Potter from Cambridge, I’m sure!) and all must wear nice clothes. They are to remain in the hall during the meal and cannot leave for any reason until the meal is over.  They are to be polite, despite the fact that most of the students who came into the hall carried their own bottle of alcohol in with them.  The food was very nice.  The long tables had large candleabras and it looked like the dining hall in Hogwarts!  The pudding (dessert) was a crème brulee.  If a student found a 10p (dime) in their dessert, they were to eat the entire dish without using their hands.  If someone tossed a 10p into their wine glass, they were to drink the whole drink in one gulp.  The poor student sitting next to me found one in his dessert and it was comical to watch him eat it for a few bites anyway. Following the meal we were escorted out and got to watch the fireworks.  November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day and the whole country goes crazy with fireworks.  They are really beautiful despite the fact that it is freezing outside!  It was a very nice evening!

 Saturday, we were asked by St. Giles Church to help them clean up around an old church just down the street from us.  They know we like to clean up church yards and have become very dear friends.  This day was officially Guy Fawkes Day.  This is a day they honor as the day decades ago when a group of protestors were planning to blow up Parliament.  But apparently someone heard about it and they caught Guy Fawkes, one of the perpetrators, who was hung and quartered.  Hence, every November 5, the British build huge bonfires and shoot off fireworks.  This year however, instead of burning Guy Fawkes in effigy, several groups burned Donald Trump in effigy!!!  We went with a YSA to Castle Hill, the highest point in Cambridge and watched an amazing display of fireworks! 

We had a ward fast for one of our dear friends who is going in for a heart procedure.  This was really a tender experience as it was a real bonding for the ward and for our friend!  After church, a young sister called and asked us to come over as her husband was having a really bad time.  She was afraid for him.  Our visit was a good one, and I think it gave this young couple some hope that they were loved and that Heavenly Father cares about them.  Someone once said that a senior mission is like home and visiting teaching on steroids.  You know, it really is a lot like that!

It has been an amazing week.  We are so grateful that we can serve.  It has really been a life changing experience.  It’s as though I’ve become less judgmental and recognized how the Lord loves all of His children and wants them all to come home. 

We love you all!  God lives!  Jesus is the Christ!  His Church is here in its fullness on the earth!

Have a great week!


Dad and Mom

Papa and Grandma
Elder and Sister Jackman

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Week

Dear friends and family,

Happy Halloween!!!!!  We hope you all have a safe and fun filled holiday!!  Thanks for all the pictures.  We loved them all and we keep looking at them and smiling at our darling babies  (Chloe and Carlee, I still consider you my babies!!) and their parents!!!

We had a fabulous week!   It began with a great FHE.  We invited an older couple in our ward (they are a little older than we are, so to us, they are still young!!!)  to share their conversion story.  I wish I could send you the whole story, but I will share it in a very brief form.  They were young marrieds and had one 8 year old daughter.  They felt they wanted to take a trip to the USA, not a two week trip, but a two year trip.  They sold their home in England, flew to LA and bought a caravan. ( motor home)  Their plan was to see the whole United States.  The first night there, they stayed in a crummy hotel and while enjoying the swimming pool, they met a family from Burley, Idaho.  Their daughter became instant friends to the children who invited her to come to their hotel room.  Not knowing them, the Stokes went to the room to meet the parents, and became instant friends.  The family invited them to come to their home in Idaho and stay while they were on their trip.  “And oh, by the way, we are Mormons!”  They had no idea what that meant!  But during their travels, they felt the spirit of the country, seeing US historic sites.  They both felt that the Lord had a hand in the setting up of the constitution.  They felt the desire for some kind of religion, so they bought a Bible and read from it every day.  By the time they made their way back to Idaho, they felt they wanted to go to Burley, and ask some questions of this Mormon family.  Well, to make a long story short, they stayed in Burley for 3 weeks and got baptized.  The Stokes are the salt of the earth.  My testimony is constantly strengthened to know that the Lord puts people in our way that we can help, or who can help us.  All were so inspired by their testimonies and depth of commitment to the gospel!  It also shows me that if a person is prepared to receive the gospel, the Lord provides the people to introduce the gospel to them in very simple but inspired ways.

We were on our daily walk and came across a group of Catholic monks.  They were wearing their white robes.  We came close to one of them who was walking ahead and we fell in step with him and had a most delightful visit.  His name is Brother Clemens and  he comes from Zimbabwe.  He is 26 years old and is studying to become a monk.  We told him about Justin serving in Zimbabwe.  He was very interested.  We asked about his plans, his family, and how is was doing.  He asked us what we are doing here.  We were able to quote a part of our missionary purpose about inviting others  to come unto Christ through faith in Jesus Christ, and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  When we had to part ways, we shook his hand.  He said to us,” you are so friendly, I would like to talk to you again sometime.”  He told us where he lived and we said we would stop by.  We felt very strongly we needed to see him again, so two days later we walked to the Blackfriar monastery and rang the doorbell.  A Friar answered the door and we asked to visit with Clemens.  He kept looking at our name tags, but invited us in and escorted us to a small study room.  When Clemens came in, he was so surprised.  He said, “I didn’t think you would come.”  We had a lovely visit.  Brad explained our doctrine of the Godhead and then I asked him if there was anything we could do for him.  He said, I would like to meet with you again and learn more about Mormonism.  We exchanged emails and we are prayerfully going to send him some information as he is limited on getting away from the monastery.  There is something really special about this young man.  Our mission is one that is using a lot of social media to spread and teach the gospel, so this will be a great opportunity to share some wonderful truths with him.  We pray for him that his heart will be touched by the things that we send him.  It was a very tender experience for us!

One of our dear friends passed away last week and we were able to help out with the funeral services in our ward chapel.  As always, I was inspired by this beautiful lady, Sheila Newman.  She was a righteous, and unassuming woman who had so many friends, just by being friendly.  She walked her dog every day and had so many dog-walking friends, that a lot of them came to the funeral.  These friends brought their dogs and lined up outside of the church in honor of Sheila.  She really touched a lot of lives, just by her friendliness and genuine kindness to everyone.  To me, the Celestial Kingdom will be filled with Saints like Sheila Newman!

This blog is such a blessing for me as it gives me the chance to review and ponder upon the week and clearly see the Lord’s hand in this work of salvation.  As we meet with families, and couples, and people we feel impressed to visit, something always seems to happen that is directly related to those special people we meet with.  It’s hard to explain, but as minute as these things seem, I feel the Lord’s hand in what we are doing.  My heart is truly softened and full of love for the Lord.

We were able to spend a fun p-day walking around Cambridge with our dear friends, Ron and Michelle Gale, who are serving as a mission office couple in our mission.  We connected from the first, and they will be going home to Oregon in a couple of weeks.  As always, we are so sad to see dear friends go, but we have made plans to get together!  They told us of a state park in Oregon that has miles of bike trails, so we are excited to explore the area with them in the future!

It has been a truly inspiring week!  After serving all day and cleaning up from the funeral, we came home just hammered, so we thought we would just sit down and watch,” A Man For All Seasons”.  We got through a part of it, when we got a phone call from a dear YSA who needed us to take her to the doctor.  By the time we waited in the doctor’s office, and went to the pharmacy, it was well past 10:00, but what a blessing it was for us.  The Lord compensates and strengthens our backs to do what we need to do!  It is truly a miracle.

We love you all!


Dad and Mom

Grandpa and Grandma

Elder and Sister Jackman