Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Missionary Life

What an incredible week!!!  We are trying to figure out what the Lord wants us to do in this beautiful Shire!  We love the people instantly and find them very kind and loving.  The youth are amazing and so eager to eat and learn! 
Monday nights we have FHE with the young single adults.  Last week we got to know them a bit better and they learned more about us.  It's amazing how food and games will open their mouths and hearts to us and to each other.  Yesterday, we talked about General Conference and how we can make it a revelatory experience.  Most of the young people were new converts and hadn't really experienced general conference, so it was a very tender spiritual experience for us.  We learned from Elder Hales, that the most important part of conference is what we do after it is over.  The process is Seek, Receive and Act.  Being in the mission field, so far from SLC we will have to go to the church to watch the sessions--what a choice experience.
This past week we had visits during the day from some of the young single adults.  There are some who are very needy and it is an opportunity for us to reach out to them in love.  As I listen to their stories, I am overwhelmed with how blessed we have been throughout our lives.
Wednesday morning we attended a Methodist Church Coffee and Cakes social!  The church is across the street from our house and we use their parking lot for the FHE and Institute meetings.  We tried several times to meet Mike Sharp, the man we pay money to each month to rent the parking lot.  He was there!!!  What a pleasant chap!  We loved him instantly!  He was so friendly and as we sat and chatted, several of the other members joined our table.  The minister who is not especially fond of "Mormons" was there and Mike warned us that she might not be very hospitable.  After almost an hour of chatting with almost everyone there, the minister came and sat at our table.  As we asked about her, her education, family, and such, she warmed right up and was very kind.  We asked her about combining our efforts to serve the community in some way.  She was so grateful and told us about an opportunity in the winter to feed the homeless.  She took our contact information and was very anxious to have us help them.  So we will follow up in a month.  Our morning was delightful and we felt we had made many new friends.  They were so happy we had come!
We have met our neighbors, wonderful people!  As we took treats to them, they were so anxious to let us in their homes and visit with us.  There are two sweet little girls in the family next door, Isabelle and Alicia.  I loved them instantly.  I told them I would like to adopt them as my granddaughters as I miss my own little ones so intensely.  We try to find opportunities to "run into them" often.
Last week we participated in Zone Conference, something I have heard of often from missionary sons.  We were able to hear from President and Sister Stevens.  We were so inspired!  Pres. Stevens talked about Peter and the experience of walking on the water.  Peter was so anxious to get out of the boat and walk to the Savior, but as we know, when he looked down and saw the waves, and heard the wind, he began to sink.  Through the Savior's strong and loving arm, he was saved and brought back to the boat.  Likening Peter's experience to missionaries, we all need to get out of the boat.  It is out of our comfort zone, it can be daunting and frightening, but to get to the Savior, we need to get out of the boat.  I left determined to get out of the boat!
We met with our Cambridge Ward Bishop, a wonderful, inspired man from Spain.  He gave us a list of people in the area to fellowship.  He wants us to teach a temple prep class.  We are teaching with the Sister missionaries one day a week in a village close by--two wonderful recent converts--who need to be strengthened by the good word of God!
We are loving our mission.  We find as we pray to be guided by the Spirit on what we should accomplish each day, ideas come, opportunities come, and we feel uplifted and so joyful!  The gospel is alive and well in Cambridge!  There is a lot to do.  We are finding that so many converts are still very young in the gospel and need effective gospel teaching.  We love the Lord!  Jesus is the Christ!  We love  you and appreciate your love and support of us!  And we LOVE emails!!!!  WE MISS YOU ALL! 
What we see along our walk!  Brad and I walk MWF along some gorgeous areas.  I've set a goal Heaz and Becca  to run TThS


A local pub just down the street from our house
Chloe, we have a pantry under the stairs that looks just like the cl

Our backyard.  The black squirrel hangs out by the birdfeeders in the tree on the right

Our FHE group!  New and different YSA every week; left to right: Elder Kendall, Elder Sunglau, Paul Wood, Arianne Aquino, Sister Shamukega, Sister Fav, Emily Sarah Anderson, Keirin Barron

 Our little neighbors set out a feeder for a hedge hog that comes to their yard!  We are trying to see if we can spot the little fellow!!  We also have a black squirrel in our yard!

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