Monday, October 12, 2015

Life in the missionfield!!!

Good Monday morning!!!  Monday is our p-day after a fashion.  Today, I bit the bullet and cleaned out our Harry Potter closet!  It is a closet under the stairs just like the one Harry lived in with his uncle and aunt!  I was nervous about finding critters or bugs of great size.  There has been a new floor put in the house and there was a 2 inch gap in the closet so I could see the space under the house.  I was very glad I didn't find any beady little eyes glaring up at me, but the closet is now clean!
     As I look back on the past week, I'm amazed at how full our days are.  We spent the time this week visiting with young single adults.  We had FHE on Monday nights, and Institute on Thursday nights, but we find that with busy schedules, not all young adults are able to attend, so we try to meet up with them during the week to see how they are doing.  We've come to love them all so much. 
     A highlight of our week was inviting Callum Church over for dinner.  Let me tell you his story.  A week before our mission we went to a BYU Women's volleyball game and sat next to a nice family.  His name was Harvey Scott and we started visiting with him.  We told him that we were going to England on a mission and would most likely serve in Cambridge.  He said, "you've got to be kidding. I've got a friend you need to meet."  Sitting next to him was a young man from Birmingham, England who was going to Cambridge for his second year of law school.  The Scott's had lived next door to them while they lived in England a few years before, and Callum was in America visiting them for a month before going back to school.  He was not a member of the church.  We told him that we would be serving with young single adults and would love to have him join us.  He was very interested.  Well, Brad had texted him the last week and asked if we could help him move in.  His family was helping him, but he was excited to be invited for dinner.  What an amazing young man.  We had a delightful visit.  He told us he was what Harvey called a "dry Mormon".  He doesn't drink or smoke.  He told us he has read parts of the Book of Mormon and agrees with the doctrine of the church but is not ready for baptism yet.  He is very busy in the sports at his college and with school, so we are going to keep in touch with him and hopefully attend some of his rowing or field hockey games.  He has a passion for American football and loves the Detroit Lions.  Well, we have a friend who knows Ziggy Ansau (who plays for the Lions).  Ziggy and Kyle Van Noy used to play for BYU.  We thought how much fun it would be to schedule a fireside with them because the Lions are coming to London to play football in a couple of weeks, but unfortunately, they are scheduled to tight to fit in a fireside.  Well, we are praying for Callum and for us to know best how to come in contact with him often.
     We had a great district meeting with the missionaries in our home!  (Yes, Justin, I made them cinnamon rolls and I thought of you!)  We were so inspired by these amazing young missionaries.  We set goals for the district for the week.  After the meeting we had an appointment with a fine man who has joined the church, but his wife hasn't.  They are from Ghana.  They have 2 beautiful children who have been baptized as well.  We were so excited that we were able to meet with Wisdom (that's his name!  Hey, we have a young man in our ward whose name is Caesar Augusto!  We'll have to invite him to our Christmas pageant!!!).  Well, guess what, his wife was home and she met with us.  She was lovely.  So we bore testimony to them both and invited Tina to take the missionary lessons and she agreed!!!  We are so excited!  We are going to teach her this week with the elders.
     We were able to visit several families and individuals this week that are new members, or inactive.  One sweet little lady, Janet Stripp, was such a delight.  She's had a very hard life, but is such a woman of faith.  We invited her to attend our temple prep class we will be teaching in a couple of weeks.  She is so anxious.  As we shared thoughts from President Uchtdorf's message from conference, she wept.  She was so grateful for the visit.  We are finding that these wonderful people live so far away, that they are starving for visits.  The British people are very private and quiet people, until you get them one on one.  Then they are VERY chatty.
     Another experience was a visit  with a sweet family who is struggling with their faith.  We invited them to come back because we need them.  The husband was once a bishop, the wife, a relief society president.  They both work full time and have 4 children.  She said, in this ward, 10% of the people do 90% of the work.  We are tired and just want to spend our free time with our children.  But, she said, I love the sisters in the ward and they invite me to do things with them.  I was so grateful for those shepherds who are looking out for Vanessa.  I talked to the Relief Society president about her and applauded her efforts in reaching out to her.  That's what the family needs!
     Brad was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting and I was asked to teach Relief Society.  We are getting to know these people and feel very comfortable with them.  The Bishopric and priesthood leadership adore Brad!  They really look to him for counsel.  He is so good at seeing the good in them and letting them know how much he loves them and appreciates their consecrated efforts.
     We were able to take some YSA's to the London Temple on Saturday.  What a choice experience.  President Kenneth Johnson is the temple president and is a member of the Cambridge ward.  He was the visiting general authority in our stake a few years ago.  We remembered him but he didn't remember us.  But we know him now.  So he was so excited to see us at the temple and told us, we don't have to schedule the temple, we will always be able to get in!
     It has been a busy week!!  We haven't baptized the whole country yet, but we are loving the people and praying for them!
     We are praying for you all.  We miss you so very much, but we want you to know we know we are supposed to be here.  We love you and thank you for your support and your goodness!  And we love the emails, and yes, Bishops, your letter!!!!!! That was a highlight of our week!
     The Church is true!  This is the work of the Lord and the Savior is in charge!  We love Him and know that He lives.
Love you all,
Elder and Sister Jackman
Our Zone leaders and other missionaries in our area, left to right Elder Vander Broek, and Elder Jacobsen, Elder Alvey, and Elder Isaakson

watching general conference with some YSA's

always have to have waffles on conference morning!

on our morning walks we watch college rowing teams practicing on the Cam River

Insitute at the beginning--more come later--Sister Ablett, Brother John Cook, Jordan Clarke, Smiji Saji, Elder Sunglao, Elder Kendall, Kieren Barron, John Ablett

a picture of the Cam River

the London Temple

The Temple Party, Sister Newman, John Ablett, Sam Dearden, Sister Jackman, Elder Jackman, Brother Hewson, Madeline Ary, and Smiji Saji

Brad sitting in our hot rod

Don't you love the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car!!!

The primary children made us a note and gave us sweets

Brad liked this sign on our walk

a shot of Kings College on our walk.  The cows are a novelty!!!

Soooo excited to get a letter!!!!!

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  1. Wow! Y'all ARE staying very busy! The pictures look beautiful! It sounds like the ward loves y'all as much as y'all love them. I love reading the stories about the people you meet. We learn from other people's experiences, huh? Thank you! :)