Wednesday, September 14, 2016

love my family

Dear family and friends,

Good afternoon!  I hope ya’ll had a great week!  It seems as though I just wrote on the blog yesterday!  My how the time flies by!  We had a great week and hope you know how much we love the work that we are doing here!

Monday night we had a great FHE, but had to cut it short as Brad had to take one of our YSA’s to the emergency room for kidney stones.  They were there until almost midnight, then his parents came and stayed with him until 3 the next morning.  He was told to come back that afternoon for a scan.  He ended up waiting in the hospital for 9 hours waiting for the scan.  Then they sent him home saying he was passing a kidney stone and he would just need to wait it out.  He was told to come back in 3 weeks.  I’m not a fan of socialized medicine!!!!  He is doing much better, but doesn’t yet know if the stone passed.

We had our 6-week transfer waffle breakfast this week as we are losing 2 of the elders in our district.  Elder Coon was replaced by Elder Dunning from Fresno, California, and Elder Dalley was replaced by Elder Moulton from Provo.  The next day, we had a great district meeting and were able to get to know these new elders.  They will be great!

We got to visit with some elderly members of our ward one afternoon.  What a great opportunity.  Leslie Ryan is an elderly man who just moved here into a care center.  He is a long time member and served as a Bishop.  He and Brad clicked right away.  He was so excited to have a visit with another priesthood member.  He shared some very sacred experiences he had during his service.  We both came away very uplifted!  Then we took some Haagan Daz  ice cream to a sweet little Margaret who has not come to church for a while because she had cateract surgery.  As we visited with her, she downed the whole container of ice cream.  I thought she was going to lick the container!  I think the ice cream was a hit!!!  I’ll include a picture of her!

We taught our dear friend, Alex Allen, our friend from Tesco (a local grocery store).  We’ve known him since we got here.  The sister missionaries taught him the Restoration lesson with us about 5 months ago.  He has been working 3 jobs, and going to law school.  I would say he is about 50 years old.  He is a very kind man and a very spiritual man.  After hearing the Joseph Smith story, he was very moved and said he had never had such a feeling of peace as he had then.  But then he got really busy and said when Sept. came, he would have time to be taught again.  Only this time he asked if we could teach him.  This week we taught him the Plan of Salvation.  He said he wished he could have something warn him when bad things would tempt him.  Brad told him about the Holy Ghost.  I think he was very touched and wants to come back and hear more about Him!  It seems as though his work is really getting in the way!  He had some issues come up at work that are keeping him distracted.  So we pray hard and hope the Spirit will touch his heart to make time for the gospel!

We got to spend time on Friday with Clark and Joyce Baron!!!!  They came to Cambridge and we got to take them around the city.  It is such a charming place, and the weather was so nice.  We had a delightful time.  Joyce is such an artist, I think she enjoyed the quaint little artsy shops.  We saw King’s Chapel, some of Fitzwilliam Museum, and had a fun lunch.  Then Brad and I had an appointment with the Haskins, so we had to leave and they went punting!  I am inspired by their enthusiasm, and their love of everything and everyone.  They will be perfect as a YSA couple!!!

We planned a fun dinner for our dear friends, Lucy and Clinton on Saturday night.  We would love to see them get back together!  We grilled some steaks and had the fixin’s to go with them, then played Skip-bo with them.  It was really fun!  We’ll see where it goes!!

I was able to teach Relief Society on Sunday on Preserving and Protecting the family by President Hunter.  I was so inspired by his words.  I am grateful for parents and parent-in-laws who were truly inspired parents, who loved, sacrificed, cared for, taught, and ministered to the needs of each of their children!  He counseled parents to hold regular family home evenings, have family councils, pray night and morning with their children, and study the scriptures together.  As we do these things we will be better protected against the influences of the adversary!  And boy, don’t we need that!!!!  I’m inspired by the parents of our grandchildren!  Keep up the good work.  Keep trying even when the days seem long, and the nights sleepless!  “The greatest training that can be given to a child is that which comes from the example of parents!”  We love you all!!!

Happy Birthday this week to Heaz on September 16th!  We love you so much and it is fun to see you so in love with your two boys!  You are a wonderful mother and a darling and caring wife!  Thanks for always inspiring me with everything that you do!  You are one in a million!

We love you all!


Dad and Mom

Papa and Grandma

Elder and  Sister Jackman


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