Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear family and friends,

Happy Day!  This is my favorite season of the year!  I love the smell in the air, the brisk cool atmosphere, and the smell of new pencils!!!  In Cambridge, the cool air smells so much like the mountains at home!  It's that smell of fall, of hunting, and being in the woods!  I love it!!! 

We had a great week.  The news of the week is:  I passed my driver's test!  This was a true miracle for me.  I was soooo nervous about taking it again.  I didn't pass the first time and that made me much more anxious to go through the process again.  Brad was so patient!  We practiced roundabouts until I dreamed about them!  The night before the exam, I didn't sleep well at all, but during one of those periods of restless wakefulness, the thought came clearly to me that I needed to practice a reverse maneuver into a side street.  So the next day, we got to King's Lynn early and I practiced one of those maneuvers.  Before we left home early that day, Brad gave me a beautiful blessing, that I would be calm and that my mind would be clear as I was driving.  John was my test person.  He was a large man who filled the whole front seat.  He was a very nice man who put me to ease immediately!  I was very calm and much to my surprise, (but not really), the one maneuver he asked to do was a reverse move into a side road and then pull back into the main street.  Upon completion of the maneuver, I continued through the remainder of the exam with tears in my eyes, as I knew the Lord cares about even the smallest things in our lives.  That is the only maneuver he asked me to do!  Even all those difficult roundabouts I practiced, were not even required in this particular route.  I was overcome with gratitude and great relief!  When he told me I had passed, I told him he had made my day!  I also asked him if anyone ever had a heart attack during one of these exams!  I can't describe the anxiety I felt about taking this test, and also the relief at having it over!  But also, I can't describe the gratitude for divine help!  It was truly a miracle to me!  So now I have a British driver's license, I don't feel the desire to drive over here again!!!!

We had a great FHE and another game night with the YSA's on Thursday.  We are hearing from YSA's almost every day who will be coming to Cambridge and we are so excited!  We are trying to meet with Anglia Ruskin University as well as Cambridge University to see if there is anyway we can advertise through their student centers for our LDS Institute!

We had some great visits this week with wonderful friends, and set up further appointments to meet and teach.  We also attended a Zone Conference with President and Sister Stevens.  They talked of the importance of the Book of Mormon.  As a mission we are reading the Book of Mormon to be able to finish it by Christmas!  As always, we were so inspired.  We love this couple.  They have such an ability to love! During some of the trainings, I observed President standing at the back of the cultural hall just watching and observing the missionaries.  We don't envy their calling, and realize how much time and emotional and spiritual energy is extended toward the work of the Lord, and how willing and cheerfully they serve.  They are a great source of strength to us!

We got to spend Saturday afternoon with wonderful friends, a sweet young family who are struggling with the church.  They are a lovely couple with a beautiful one year old boy.  We went to Wimpole Hall, a National trust estate which is a working farm.  It kind of reminds me of Thanksgiving Point.  We had such a delightful afternoon walking the beautiful grounds and watching the animals, and watching Max throw rocks, climb up stairs, and explore the area!  We feel such a kinship to this little family.  They don't want to be a project, they want to have genuine friends.  How we love them!

We are heading tomorrow to pick up a cute family from the airport, and then heading to Oxford for Brad to speak at a Utah State Huntsman School of Business class.  We will be in Oxford for two days!  Then our kids come!!!!  Yeah!!!  We will pick up Kent and Heather on Saturday and then meet up with Dave and Julie Sunday evening in London.  I will write my next blog  after next week.  We are so excited!  We have scheduled a tea with our cute next door neighbors so the Browns and the Bishops can meet our adopted family.

Happy Birthday to Brian on Thursday, September 22!  What a fine son!  We are so blessed to have him be apart of our family!  He is so fun, hard working, and a man of integrity!  We love him!  Also, Happy Birthday to Bailey Mae Bishop on Friday, September 23!  We love our Bailey.  She is an incredible young lady.  We are so excited for her that she has decided to be baptized by her dad!  She will be baptized on Saturday, September 23, and then she will be confirmed as well by her dad!  Then her parents will jump on a plane and fly to London!!!  Thank you to Grandma Bishop and Nate and Becca for taking care of our babies while their parents spend a week with us in the UK!

We love you all!  Have a fantastic week!  My thought for the week is one of my favorite quotes by President Ezra Taft Benson.  " When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power!"  May we all find ourselves endowed with that sacred power!
With all our love,
Dad and Mom
Papa and Grandma
Elder and Sister Jackman

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