Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Guy Fawkes Day/ Remember, remember the 5th of November

Remember, Remember the 5th of November:  Guy Fawkes Day!  in 1605 a group of Catholic terrorists wanting to teach the Church of England Royalty a lesson, planned to blow up the House of Parliament.  36 barrels of gunpowder were placed in the cellar under the House of Lords.  When some members of Parliament heard about the plot, the King sent guards into the cellar and found one of the terrorists, Guy Fawkes hiding among the barrels.  He was tortured and executed!  So, since that day, every 5th of November, bonfires are lit, some with effigies of Guy Fawkes or the Pope are burned and fireworks are set off!  It is quite a celebration! (And to think they don't celebrate Halloween because it is a Pagan holiday!!!)

It has been a great week! Our miracle of the week is the opportunity we've had to teach Callum the 1st discussion!  He is an outstanding young man.  He is very smart and is wanting to know the "why's" of the gospel.  He has two areas of concern about the church, the nature of God, and Joseph Smith, just small matters!!!  So we and the sisters have our work cut out for us!  He is inquisitive and anxious to learn and read anything we can give him.

On Saturday, we had a mission fast.  It started with a conference call from President Stevens to the whole mission. (190 missionaries).  He spoke to us and said, we need to increase the number of people we are finding.  Can we open our mouths, increase our faith, and find ways to find God's elect.  Use the Book of Mormon--there is power in it.  God will help us be successful!  We then all knelt in our individual flats and he offered a prayer to begin our fast.  I can't describe the power of the Spirit that was manifested to us as we knelt in prayer!

As we went about our day, we did some service that afternoon for Remembrance Day (Veterans Day) collecting funds for veterans.  This is a big deal in the UK.  We felt really prompted to revisit a sister we tried to reach last week.  We had tried to phone her several times with no success, so we drove to her home!  Yes, there were cars at her house.  I was praying all the way there that she would be home.  We had a prayer and knocked on her door.  The whole family was there!  They warmly welcomed us in and even invited us to stay for dinner and fireworks!  Because we hadn't made an appointment, and other family was coming, we didn't feel we should stay, but we did visit for awhile. I invited her to come back to church, and Brad while talking to her husband, asked if he was a member of the church.  He isn't so Brad asked if he would like to be taught and he said, "I would"!  We were so excited!  They were so accommodating and we have an appointment to teach the family tonight! (I'm late in writing my blog this week, so you'll have to check in next week to find out what happens!!!)  In speaking with the high priest group leader today, he said when asked before if they wanted to learn about the gospel, they said no.  I believe in the power of the fast!!!

Another miracle this past week.  We have been working with a single man named Will.  He has been investigating the gospel for at least a year, with several missionaries.  Sunday night he came over, and the Sisters taught him about the importance of trusting God.  They were inspired!  They challenged him to baptism and he accepted for Nov. 29.  Now, he has accepted before and then fallen through.  The thing that touched me so much was that Brad asked him if he would like a blessing.  He came earlier to talk to us about his job and issues he is having at work.  He really connects with Brad.  So Brad explained about priesthood blessings and he said, he would like one.  The blessing was also inspired!  I was so touched by the spirit, but guess what, so was Will!  After the blessing, he said, I don't know what that was, but I've never felt it before.  We told him that was the Holy Ghost.  He looked like a different man when he walked out of our home.  He is very anxious to be baptized.  We pray every day, he will continue to feel the same way!

Guess what?  We had visitors on our p-day!  Mike and Michelle Breitenbeker just happened to be in London on business and came and spent the day with us in Cambridge on Monday!  We picked them up at the train station, walked down town Cambridge and took a tour of King's College with one of our YSA's as a tour guide.  Then we took them out into the country for a fun lunch at one of our favorite pubs!  It was so fun.  We didn't want them to leave!  I really wanted them to stay and talk to our young adults about the Lord's timing in our lives! But Mike had business in London the next day and then they were heading to Rome!  Oh, how we love them both and it was sooo fun to spend the day with them!

Well, we have got a busy afternoon and evening, so I will sign off!  We love you all so very much and think about you and pray for you every day.  We love the skyping!  Brian, we would like to Skype this weekend!  Also, Dad and Mom Jackman, we will call you probably on Sunday afternoon to visit!  Thanks for your fabulous emails!

Love, and kisses and hugs,
Elder and Sister Jackman
this is above the entry way of King's College.  Students would play pranks on the college and climb up and steal the scepter, so the college got so sick of replacing it, they just stuck in a broom handle!

These are pictures of King's College

The Kings College church

Mike and Michelle--the river Cam behind

The four of us!  It was windy that day!  My hair is the challenge of my mission!!!

Brad and I in front of Buckingham Palace with Woolley's cinnamon bears!!!

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