Thursday, May 12, 2016

Young Single Adults--Hooray!!!

Dear family and friends,

Cheers our dear loved ones!!!  We think of you every day and remember you in our prayers!  It was so fun to skype to all of our children and see you all!!  We are blown away with how much our little ones are changing.  They are getting bigger and their vocabularies are increasing!  We just ache to hold and hug them!  But we love how you wonderful parents are so dedicated to teaching your children and appreciate how much you love them!

We also were able to talk to our mothers on the phone to wish them a Happy Mother’s day.  That is always a joy for us!  We are praying that Jackmans are able to sell their home quickly as they have found a beautiful smaller place to live in the South Ogden area. 

We had a great week with the Young Single Adults.  Monday night is always FHE!  I think that is my favorite night of the week!  A young adult is asked by the YSA committee to share a thought, either a scripture or talk from general conference, and then open it up for discussion.  The discussions we have had are absolutely inspiring.  The youth feel safe in this group and open up in real honest feelings, concerns, or questions they have and we have had some incredible meetings.  We are so proud of these young adults as they are so inclusive and make each member feel valued.  As I look around the group, all are so different, some members, some return missionaries, some non-members, some struggling members, from different parts of the world, some going to school at Cambridge (which tells you they are very smart), and others going to Anglica Ruskin (another Cambridge University—they are very smart as well), some professional jobs, and some are labor intensive jobs.  They are from many parts of the world and yet they all are so non-judgmental and accepting of everyone who comes.  We know them quite well and are aware of their challenges, successes, joys and concerns.  Sitting in FHE a few weeks ago, I had the thought that if the Savior would come to earth, He would come to our group and embrace every one of them!   We then have treats, and play games.  They are hilarious, and everyone loves them!!!  We invite the full-time missionaries to join us and they add so much to the group as well!

 This last week, instead of a lesson, we listened to a rebroadcast of the YSA talk by Elder Richard J. Maynes about the Prophet Joseph Smith, the First Vision, the different accounts and the sacred truths revealed from the vision.  It was magnificent!  We had a non-member, Alex Towey attend who was so touched by the spirit that he was determined to find out for himself that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet and really did see what he said he saw.  His answer came in a very sacred way for him, and he knew for himself!  He has been taking the missionary discussions, and received a testimony of the Church, and this added measure of testimony of Joseph Smith was an incredible blessing for him.  He was baptized this past Sunday, on May 8.  We love baptisms!!!!  Sister Bader and Sister Vizaco taught Alex.  When Alex told his girlfriend that he was joining the church, she gave him an ultimatum, either your church or me.  He told her that he had had too many witnesses that were undeniable of the church, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation, so he had to join the church.  This young man is amazing.  But Marissa (his girlfriend) attended the baptism, despite the fact that she didn’t seem very pleased about it. Amazingly enough, the Sisters are now teaching her.  Alex was baptized by Sam Dearden, one of our YSA’s and Alex has asked Brad to confirm him this coming Sunday!  He has been one of the highlights of our mission!

We had Stake Conference this past week.  Brad was asked to speak in the Saturday night adult meeting on ministering to the one as well as to put a plug in for senior missions!  I was so touched by Brad’s words and testimony.  He gave an example of ministering to the one by our YSA committee in activating a young man by reaching out to him.  Also, he told about Brian’s experience with a wonderful Bishop who loved him and reached out to him in a way that we will forever be grateful.

The whole weekend was a spiritual feast.  President Simon Fagg is our Stake President. ( It took a while for me to get used to the name!!!!)  He is one of the most incredible men I have ever met.  Every talk was so inspired and we came away motivated and super-charged to improve our efforts to build the kingdom here.  Also, President and Sister Stevens spoke, and they are always amazing!

I will close with a quote from President Fagg, one of my favorites from President Ezra Taft Benson, “When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.”  May obedience become our quest is my humble prayer and deepest desire!

We love you all!
Dad and Mom
Grandpa and Grandma
Brad and Vicki


 The lilacs have burst open in glorious splendor!!!  Brad always looks great!

Sister Bader, Sam Dearden (he baptized Alex), Ales Towey, Sister Vizaco

our garden!  Brad fixed the fence, Brad mows the lawn twice a week with our hand pushed mower (it takes him 5 minutes to mow it)  We trimmed the bushes, planted some flower pots.  The lilac tree is my favorite!!  Reminds me of Grandma Taylor!

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  1. Beautiful! I'm so glad you get to garden and that dad gets to mow a lawn 😉 Fun to read about these baptisms and testimony!