Friday, April 22, 2016

It's a Small World

Dear family and friends,

This will be a brief blog post this week!  We are doing well!  Not much new to report other than we are once again in the middle of flat inspections.  Those are always fun as we get to interact with all of our zone missionaries.  What is so great about it, is that many of them know people we know and/or are related in some way.  For example, Elder McComber is from Orem and went to Clark Baron’s school.  When I told him that the Barons will be coming here on a mission, he was elated despite the fact that he is leaving in June and they won’t get here until August.  We met Elder Lindsay, a fine missionary who is the son of Bruce Lindsay from KSL fame and related to Gordan Lindsay who once lived in our stake!  Another sweet sister missionary, Sister Phillips from Clearfield served in Leighton Buzzard (that is the actual name of a beautiful little village).  She knew Hazel Price well!  (My parents taught Hazel the gospel when they were here on their mission!)  The church certainly shrinks the size of the earth!!!

We had a great opportunity to meet with President and Sister Stevens at our zone conference!.  They are heading to Germany for a semi-annual meeting with European mission presidents.  While there, they will meet with Wayne and Luanna Watson who are the mission presidents in Finland!  President Watson was our stake president in Orem and we LOVE them!  It was fun to send our love and greetings with the Stevens.

During one of our flat inspections, the missionaries had two bikes they weren’t using and asked if we could get rid of them.  After checking the other missionaries, no one wanted or needed them, so we brought them home and took them to a bike repairman, a friend of ours and he fixed them up both for 80 pounds.  We went on our first bike ride and it was a blast!!!  We are bound and determined to be expert bike riders in Cambridge!!!  They have knobby tires and the seats are a little too short, but we love them!!!

We’ve had some great visits this week with dear friends and we made some new ones.  On Saturday, a cold and rainy day, we felt the need to visit a young single adult we haven’t been able to make contact with.  We said a prayer before we went up to her door.  Laura opened the door and obviously had been crying.  We introduced ourselves and she asked us if we could come back another time because she had just received some very sad news.  Then she paused and asked us how we knew to come to her house that day?  She seemed very pleased and surprised that we would come right then.  It is amazing to us how the Lord knows things we don’t know!  We have since texted her and found out that a dear friend had just passed away and Laura felt that her friend had sent us!  But we know who sent us!!  We’re anxious to meet up with her next week.

Have a great week!  We love you all!  Oh, and JaLee, I met a young mom who knows you and loves you.  Her name is Qwenivere Wulstenhulme. (I slaughtered the spelling!) She used to teach in the ancient scripture department at BYU!  She and her husband Clarke are thinking about moving to Cambridge for work with their 4 children.  What a lovely family!

This is the work of the Lord!  We reverence, love and honor Him!  We love you all!  Happy Birthday this week, Doug Glauser on the 21st, Nate on April 25th, and Asher Brown on April 28th!  We love all the outstanding men in our lives!!!

Dad and mom
Grandpa and Grandma
Brad and Vicki


  1. Isn't it fun making connections?!! You are masterful at it. It's nice to be remembered and to remember her. What a fun chapter for them.

  2. Isn't it fun making connections?!! You are masterful at it. It's nice to be remembered and to remember her. What a fun chapter for them.