Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Baptism!!!!!!!

Dear family and friends,

Last week was a red letter week for us!!!  We held our first baptism.  Sister Lucy Wedderburn entered the waters of baptism on Saturday, 26 March, 2016.  It was an absolutely glorious experience!  She was so excited because the baptism happened on Easter weekend.  She had attended a previous baptism with us and the water was cold.  She was very nervous about being immersed in cold water, so I told her I would personally make sure the water was bathtub warm.  When we took her to the font, the glass in front of the font and the mirror above was steamed all up.  The water  was VERY warm!  She wore my temple dress and looked like an angel.  Before she entered the font she turned to me and said, this is really it!!!  This is a BIG step.  I agreed but I told her that she wouldn’t be alone.  Heavenly Father was with her all the way!    The program was short and simple, but very touching and filled with the spirit.  We had called many in the ward to participate with prayers, musical items (numbers), talks, and hymns.  In fact, Lucy was so humbled to see so many people in attendance.  A member of the bishopric, Brother Mike Bunnell welcomed her into the ward and told her that she has a support system that will envelope her with love!  Her ex-husband was there and stood in as a witness.  Her two sons were there and a Baptist friend from near her home, all non-members.  We even had Alex, our new investigator there for a little while!  The ward members were so warm and encouraging to her.  We were so grateful for them.  Brad had practiced with her the day before to show her how to stand and hold on to his arm and hand.  Brad got very emotional as he performed the baptism.   He did a wonderful job!   It was really a very tender experience for all who attended!  On Sunday, Lucy was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and received the Holy Ghost.  Carl Hutber, the ward mission leader was voice, and Brad, Bishop Sanz, and Clinton Wedderburn stood in the circle.  It was a beautiful Easter!!!!

We were able to join in a discussion with Sister Bader and Sister Lawler, and Sister Vizaco for the restoration discussion with Alex this past week.  Sister Vizaco had just barely arrived the day before.  The three sisters gave a beautiful spirit filled discussion on the First Vision.  We all shared in bearing testimony.  When we asked Alex how he felt, he said, you know I feel really tingly, and I wasn’t expecting this.  He is an older man, I would say, early 50’s.  He works two jobs and is going to law school.  He came into this first discussion somewhat prepared having read up on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon on the internet.  He is very astute, but I think the feeling of the spirit threw him for a loop, one that he wasn’t expecting.  He was anxious to meet again.  We talked to him again this week and we hope we can make another teaching appointment soon, if we can fit into his busy schedule.

We had the chance to do a temple session with two of our YSA’s, Sam Ablett and Jordan Clarke, both fine young men who we have come to really love and care about.  We had some great visits with Hazel Price,  a convert of my parents while they were here; we had FHE with the Hutber family and a fun visit with the Pitcher family in our ward.  We met some new friends, Jim and Nita Haskins.  He is a member, she is not.  They were lovely people.  She told us that she would never join the Mormon church unless they change the Word of Wisdom.  How can a person not drink tea?  They want us to come back and see them.  We are making a lot of wonderful friends!!!!

We are so saddened by the Brussels bombing, but are inspired by these wonderful missionaries who have shared their strong testimonies with the world!  We knew Elder Norby, the senior missionary.  He and his wife were with us in the MTC last fall.  He is an incredible man!

Each week is filled with lovely people and great experiences with them!  We are grateful for the blessing for us to be here.  We love you all and thank you for your love and prayers!  Oh, by the way, Clark and Joyce Baron received their mission call this week!  Guess where they are coming?  The England London Mission!   YEAH!  They will be serving as YSA missionaries as well.  We won’t know for sure their area until they get here in August!  We are so excited!

Have a great week!  We love you all!

Dad and Mom
Grandpa and Grandma
Brad and Vicki

Baptism of Lucy Wedderburn

left to right: Clinton Wedderburn, Leon Wedderburn, Scott Grant (Lucy's son) Lucy, Vicki, Brad

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