Tuesday, December 8, 2015

We LOVE the British People!!!!!!!!

We had a great week!  We spent time with the British this week, duh!!!!  And we are finding that we have fallen in love with them all!  I never seem to find time to post my blog on Mondays as things always come up, so Brad went with a single Elder (they are in a threesome) and that gave me time to let you know how very much we love this place!  We seem to be getting into some kind of rhythm here.  At first, I felt we had to be filling every minute of every day, but as we have gone on, I don't feel as though I have to be so fast and furious.   Our prayer every day is that we will feel the spirit and know what the Lord would have us do.  We were really excited about our schedule this week because we had dates with non members and part member families and dear friends that we have grown to love so much.  Our dear friend Callum (our Cambridge law student) is heading home for the holidays.  We met him for lunch to say good-bye for nearly a month.  He is progressing well with the gospel and has promised he will go to church with his sister to the ward in Birmingham!  We went out to dinner with our dear ward mission leader and his non-member wife to a lovely Chop House for lamb.  It was fabulous!  We have grown to love them so much and pray that her heart will soften to hear the gospel.  Carl (her husband)  wants us so badly to teach her, but it needs to be on her time.  We had bought tickets to Handel's Messiah, a concert given at one of the Cambridge University colleges, St. Johns.  We had invited a non member couple to go with us, but Amanda got really sick and they couldn't go.  We love them as well and will get together with them next week.  We tried to invite another part member couple, but they couldn't go, so we did get a couple of our young single adults to go with us.  I have never seen the whole Messiah, and we were blown away!  It was magnificent, and to be performed in a cathedral that was 1200 years old made it even more spectacular.  The acoustics were phenomenal, but Dad I thought of you as we sat on what amounted to a 2X6  board, a very very hard pew!  Despite the uncomfortable seats, we were so inspired!  The next night we spent with the young adults who are our pride and joy!!  We are getting so comfortable with them, they are like our own children.  Then Friday, we went with dear friends from the ward to an Italian restaurant!  Yeah, it seems like all we did this week was play!!!  We did spend time with the Methodists at their tea and cakes event, we taught temple prep lessons, and visited shut-ins and non-members.  We also were able to spend a few hours with Gillian Taylor, a sweet woman who loves my Dad and Mom from when they were here in the missionfield.  She told us some hilarious stories about all the missionaries she has listened to, fed, transported, and taken to a midnight mass!!!  She is still not a member, but is so lovely.  I told you she didn't want a Book of Mormon, so I took her the Ensign, Conference Report issue.  She was so excited to get it.  We told her about the changes in the Quorum of the Twelve and about President Russell M. Nelson, whom she loves.  We told her about his talk, on a Plea to the Sisters, which I love!  She was so anxious to read it.  We are sending her a subscription to the Ensign and hope to meet up with her again in a few weeks to meet her daughter Kate and her 4 grandchildren.  Her oldest granddaughter , Lucy is getting ready to apply for university, and I told her to tell her to come to Cambridge and we would look after her, but she didn't think she could make it into these universities.  I wish she would change her mind! We have been able to show the people we have visited this week the Church's new Christmas video, A Savior is Born. christmas.mormon.org #ASaviorIsBorn.   Please watch it if you haven't already done so!!!  The children will love it.  Gillian loved it.  What a sweet woman!  Maybe something will convince her to join the church!!!
     Sunday, Dec. 6 was an incredible day for us as we were able to Skype with Scott and Sherri, some family and friends to witness the blessing of Greyden William Jackman Miles.  They blessed him in their home, so we could Skype in and hear the blessing.  Scott gave a beautiful blessing.  Greyden is a very special young man and the Lord has something magnificent in store for him.  We are so grateful for this incredibly special family!
We love the Lord, we love our mission and we love each and every one of you!  In reading Elder Bednar's conference talk (which was incredible by the way!) he quoted President Boyd K. Packer (whom we love) who said, the purpose "of all activity in the Church is to see that a man and a woman with their children are happy at home, sealed together for time and for all eternity."  Our family is so very dear to us.  We can't express enough how very much you mean to us and how much we are wanting to spend eternity with you all!!!
Have a great and happy week!  Please kiss all those precious little cheeks for us! (I'll send some pictures as an addendum)
Dad and Mom,
Papa and Grandma
Elder and Sister Jackman

Answers to last weeks language challenge!!!  By the way, Grandpa and Grandma Glauser got them all right except for two!  But the cell phone wasn't invented yet when they were here!
trousers-pants; you al'right-hi, how are you, trolley-grocery cart, jumper-sweater; bin-garbage can; rubbish-garbage; flat-apartment; scrappy-grumpy; boot-car trunk; bonnet-car front hood; wonky-unsteady, wobbly; jab-shot; bert-a funny guy; buttery-a cafeteria; plaster-bandaid; tablets-pills; sharps-shot needles; hoover-vacuum; mobile-cell phone; car park- parking lot; lorrie-semi-truck; motorway-freeway

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